Corporate Vision

Our vision is to be a leading and successful corporation in our business through:

  • Providing product and services that exceed expectations
  • Generating sustainable long-term growth and profitability

Mission Statements

We strive to achieve success through:

  • Satisfying our customers’ needs.
  • Delivering sustainable performance to our shareholders.
  • Providing rewarding careers to our employees.
  • Maintaining mutually beneficial relationship with our business partners.
  • Caring for our society, community and environment.

Code Of Business Conduct

Our code of Business Conduct, built upon the crux of our MISSION statement, is consistent with the standards of good industry practices and complying to the laws and regulations governing the business operations:  

We strongly commit to deliver superior values to match our customers’ expectations through a culture of innovation, consistency and high standards of quality and safety control.

We commit to provide rewarding careers to our employees with equal opportunities for career advancement irrespective of race, gender, or nationality. Our People-Centered policy provides safe and healthy working conditions, respects dignity and freedom of association.

We commit to deliver values to shareholders through consistent and sustainable business growth and financial profitability with practice of good corporate governance.

Business Partners
We commit to establish cordial relationships with our business partners for mutual benefits and growth.

The Environment
We hold firmly that all our business operations meet the regulatory requirements on environmental impacts. We strive to achieve sustainable long-term balance between meeting our business goals and care for the environment. We also advocate similar standards of environmental care on our business partners.

Society & Community
We strive to be a responsible corporate citizen through participations and contributions in social and welfare programs that promote cultural and community integration.

Core Values

In pursuit of our Vision, we advocate all employees to uphold the Core Values at all time:

To induce team spirit and promoting one team sharing one vision.

Honesty and high moral principle are essential traits that cannot be compromised.

Fulfillment of promise; do what we say we will do.

Be forward looking and responsive to changing environment.

Commands competitive advantage.

Productivity and profit driven.

Innovations in technological advancement and management enhance productivity.