The Group built and commissioned 5 palm oil mills, namely, during 1995 to 2005:

The milling operations are further integrated with downstream biomass processing plants which are either fully or partially completed or in the pipeline for implementation in near future.

1. Tian Siang Oil Mill (Perak) Sdn Bhd – 340708 K is fully built with a Biogas-Power plant and Long Palm Fibre processing plant.
2. Tian Siang Fibre Industries Sdn Bhd - 288345 H and was formed to venture into production of Compost .
3. Tian Siang Biogas Power (Air Kuning) Sdn Bhd - 386479 P is formed to venture into Biogas – Power plant utilizing the POME from Tian Siang Oil Mill (Air Kuning) Sdn Bhd - 386479 P.
4. Tian Siang Oil Mill (Air Kuning) Sd Bhd – 288342 A is fully built with Long Palm Fibre processing plant.

The integration of the downstream plants synergizes resource utilization and contributes positively in the preservation of a greener environment.